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This donation guarantees you, the players,a long term stability,an assurance that the server will not shut down suddenly because lack of funds,and the ability to keep the server lag-free as much as possible.

Dontaion Name Amount & Events Price
Mall Points
5x Mall Points + 5x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
Mall Points
10x Mall Points + 10x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
10 USD
Mall Points
20x Mall Points + 20x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
20 USD
Mall Points
50x Mall Points + 50x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
50 USD
Mall Points
100x Mall Points + 100x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
100 USD
Mall Points
200x Mall Points + 200x Mall Points [EVENT OFF]
200 USD

Terms of agrement & rules

*All purchases are non-refundable*

  • No refund will be given
  • Any refund or dispute appealed will lead into account permanent ban.
  • We will not refund for any rules-breaking reason that got you banned
  • If you donated, that doesnt mean you have the rights to break our rules
  • By pressing "Buy Now" you accept our rules & terms of agrement.
      • ** How to continue after donate ? **

      • 1. When you done your payments, login to your account and go to / Account Detail / Complete Order / write the following detail and complete order
      • 2. When you complete your order, go to / Check Orders / and you will see status of your order
      • 3. If you order is in process you have to wait for you Mall Points will be add to your account whitin 24 hours, if the order is complete just reload the page and your points will be in your game account.

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  Server Status: Online
Server Time: 22:24 November 21, 2019
There are currently population (70) online!

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Staff DPO Team

  • [GM]Trinity [Online]

  • [GM]Space [Offline]

  • [HD]Jurtine [Offline]

Server Information

  • Accounts 1399
  • Characters 1542
  • Guilds 20
  • Online Record 158

Server Rates

  • Solo Exp 8
  • Party Exp 15
  • Drop Rate 8
  • Pet Growth 500
  • Max Player Lvl 100
  • Max Pet Lvl 71